A Charlotte Tilbury Summer Makeup Look

Here we are again talking about Charlotte Tilbury… but they are my favourite makeup brand and when I have new products I really want to share them. As lockdown restrictions are easing, people are socialising more which means getting to spruce yourself up again. I’ve definitely been socialising more and wanting to wear nice makeup so I thought I would share the products I love to create a Charlotte Tilbury Summer Makeup Look!

Charlotte Tilbury Products

I’ve talked about some of these products before but some are new to me. The product I always turn to when it’s sunny is the Light Wonder Foundation. This is my go to summer foundation, because it’s so light on the skin (hence the name) but leaves an even glowy base. I find this product doesn’t clog my skin but lasts all day while still looking beautiful.

It is super easy to apply as well, I use a 20p piece amount and buff it in with a round foundation brush and beauty blender. This product really makes my skin look like my skin but better which I love. I also find because you don’t need a lot of this product it tends to last a long time.

Summer is a time when a glowy look is always a winner, who am I kidding? a glowy look is an all year round thing! I am still a massive fan of a powder highlighter, I know a lot of people have moved away from highlighters, but I still really like them and find they really elevate my makeup look. At Christmas I was gifted this Gold Bar Highlighter which is amazing and so versatile.

This palette is made up of three different shades of highlighter, the original gold, a rose gold and a gold bullion. I really liked this palette and wanted to try it having loved the highlighter in the Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette. Having tried this palette, I really like it. The powder applies really finely creating a soft blurred highlight where the sun would naturally hit your face. The three shades also mean you can mix up your highlighter depending on what make up look you’re creating.

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold

The next product I love for a summer look is the Legendary Brows Perfect Brow Gel. This gel has a super tiny brush which means it is super easy to apply and catch all the brow hairs without wiping it all over your face. As the brow gel is tinted, it sets and coats the brow at the same time meaning you brows can look amazing with minimal effort.

If I’m going for more of a casual undone brow I use this product on it’s own, as I can shape the brow hairs with it. It’s such a super product which has been a welcome addition to my make up bag.

Finally, the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are my go to these days. There are so many colours to choose from, as well as finishes meaning it is near on impossible to not find one you like. These lipsticks apply like a dream and are long lasting with a great colour pigment. They also come in the most beautiful packaging which looks fab when you’re reapplying!

I think my love for Charlotte Tilbury gets stronger every time I use the products. As evidenced by the shear amount of CT blog posts I’ve written! They are just so well made and thought out. I’m not sure I’ve come across one of their products that I don’t like yet! What are you favourite CT products? Let me know in the comments!

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Jordyn Amber x