Turning 24: Reflections on my 23rd year.

My birthday rolled around again in August and I’ve become another year older. Every year I do some sort of reflection post where I sit down and think about the last year and what I’ve learnt, this year is no different! (Here is last years post!). I’m not going to lie but I couldn’t wait to turn 24 and for 23 to be over. Let’s just say it didn’t pan out as expected! So without further a do lets get going!

24th Birthday
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  1. Shit happens. That might sound a bit of a depressing and miserable start but it is true. You can be the nicest person in the world and things will happen in your life that you have absolutely no control of. Oh and just when you think you’re getting a grip of life and climbing back up, something else will happen!

2. You are stronger than you think. Linking to my first point, although bad things might happen, there is an inner strength within all of us that will help us through. I definitely learnt this at the beginning of the year. Sometimes you just have to keep going and keep getting up even when you don’t want to. I know this is easier said than done, but a quote that helps me is ‘You have survived all of your hardest days‘.

3. Enjoy the good things in life. This might sound like an obvious one but is one I think a lot of us take for granted. I definitely learnt this year to not take anyone for granted in my life. Things can change at the drop of a hat so enjoy all the time spent with friends and family. I think we all learnt that with covid! Enjoy all the little things that bring you happiness, whether that be the perfect cup of tea, going for a run or eating your favourite food.

4. Take the risk or miss the chance. Naturally I am not a risk taker and there are points this year where I had chances to change/try new things and I haven’t taken them. However towards the end of my 23rd year, I knew that if I didn’t take chances even if things end up going wrong, that I would miss out and spend a lot of time wondering what if?

5. If you work for it, it will happen. Again this sounds like a fairly obvious one, however dreams will not just come to you. You have to work hard in this life in order to achieve. It’s so easy to get knocked down and not want to get back up again (trust me, I’ve been there) but however hard it may be if you get back up and keep going it will happen.

My 23rd year has been a tough one and has taught me more about life than I realised. Although it was a tough one and I literally couldn’t wait to see the back of it, I had to ride the waves in order to come out the other side. These would be the points I would go back and tell my younger self if I could.

A year doesn’t feel like a long time but a lot can happen. Just remember if you are going through a tough time, you will get through it.

I am looking forward to the future and enjoying all the things that 24 has to offer.

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Jordyn Amber x