A Tropical Holiday in The Maldives – Paradise on Earth!

The UK has been in lockdown now for 15 weeks, meaning no one has been able to travel. Lots of us have had to cancel or postpone trips and holidays, while others who were looking to book are lusting over destinations for when we are allowed to freely travel again. I have been reminiscing over previous holidays I’ve been on and wanted to share with you A Tropical Holiday to The Maldives – Paradise on Earth!

Meeru Island Maldives

We travelled to Meeru Island Maldives in June 2017 and it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on. Although the travel is quite long and can be quite sickness inducing (I’m talking over an hour in the bottom of a boat when the air con has been turned off!) it is well worth it when you get there!

Stepping off that boat and being met with white sands, blue seas with baby sharks swimming about and 30+ degree heat is amazing. As you walk along the pier the bright colours of the tiny island shine in the sunlight, it really is quite magical and was like nowhere I had ever been before.

Meeru Island Maldives was so small that you could walk the whole way around it in 40 minutes, it was truly like a dessert island except with all the amenities you could ever want. We were lucky enough to stay in a beach villa right on the verge of the sea. The rooms were beautifully decorated with a four poster bed, and half indoor/half outdoor bathroom and even a hot tub! The rooms also had a decking area out the front with sun loungers.

Meeru Island Beech Villa

Even though Meeru wasn’t huge, there were lots of things to do. There were two swimming pools – an adult one and a child one, water sports, snorkelling, tennis, football, a driving range, a gym as well as a games room with pool and darts as well as chess and draughts.

The food on the island was also very good. We stayed on an all inclusive basis so all our food and drink was included. The main restaurant was a buffet and there would be different themes every night as well as some classics foods. There were chefs on hand to cook whatever the special was as well. The restaurant was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there were beach bars available for snacks/lunch throughout the day (you could even get it delivered to you around the pool!).

As well as soft drinks, there were lots of different alcoholic beverages and cocktails we could try. We loved tasting all the different cocktails.

The island was home to lots of wonderful wildlife as well. Snorkelling was such an incredible experience (although I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to swimming with lots of fish around me), there were stingrays, reef sharks and fish of all different shapes, sizes and colours. We literally spent hours on and off in the sea exploring with the sun beating down on us.

Although there were quite a few people staying on the island, it was super quiet and relaxing. There were always sun loungers available (no getting up early to reserve!) and because people spent a lot of time on the beach there was always space around the pool. You could have all the space that you wanted.

The evenings were also as relaxed as you wanted them to be. In one of the bars there was sometimes singing/parties, on the beach there was relaxing live music and there were quiet areas if you preferred. I loved sitting on the beach in the evenings listening to the sea hit the shore or spending the evening in the hot tub.

One of my favourite things to do on this holiday was to walk around the island at sunset. It was beautiful. As part of the holiday we were given a sunset cruise. Although I felt very sea sick it was phenomenal seeing dolphins in their natural habitat and watching the sun set behind them. There were so many dolphins swimming around and you could see how happy they were jumping out of the water, swimming up and around the boats!

Meeru Island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, it truly is paradise on earth. I hope that one day I am lucky enough to visit the Maldives as it really is the most incredible place.

Meeru Island Maldives

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