10 Different ways to have fun during Lockdown

I’m pretty sure we are into Week 7 of lockdown now, I mean it feels like day 1753 and we are all having to adapt to a new way of life. Many of us haven’t been able to see friends or family and leaving the house for anything other than food shopping is non-existent! Being in the house for this long may have filled you with dread but for me it’s been a way to find different ways to have fun during lockdown!

Lockdown Fashion

I thought I would write a list of all the things I have tried during lockdown!

  1. Utilised my one hour daily exercise by finding and enjoying new walks in my area (This is especially fun when the sun is shining!)
  2. Taken part in a weekly pub quiz on Zoom with friends. This has been particularly fun week on week as we get more adventurous with our categories.
  3. Baked… a lot, which is no mean feet when flour is like gold dust! I have baked:
    • Chocolate Flapjack
    • No Bake Cookie Dough
    • Mini Egg Cheesecake
    • Salted Chocolate Tart
    • Angel Delight Cheesecake Pots
    • Chocolate Fairy Cakes
    • Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
    • Cookie Dough Pots
    • Chocolate Brownies
  4. Tried new foods that I haven’t tried before – Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Puff Pastry pizza, Quesadillas
  5. Spent time reading books I enjoy in the sunshine, I love a romance book that is quite a light easy read! The weather has also been super lovely so it’s been great to spend time outside where I can.
  6. Caught up on YouTube videos that I’d missed, I have definitely binged watched Lydia Elise Millen!
  7. Did my nails – Having to try and take off my acrylics was not so fun, but painting them after was very satisfying!
  8. Taken part in Wellness Wednesday and giving myself a good ol pamper including a lovely face mask!
  9. Played board games, my new favourite is Boggle where you have to create a word out of the 16 letters in the cube – we even video called some of the family in to play!
  10. Spent evenings watching films/series I haven’t seen before. I have particularly enjoyed watching Afterlife 2 and Extraction. I’ve also enjoyed some old classics like Fools Gold.

I could also add in exercising but I’ve been pretty poor at that one so didn’t think I could really count that! Although I did do the run 5, choose 5 and donate 5 which I was quite impressed with myself about!

Although lockdown has been long, I have very much enjoyed having a little bit more time to enjoy doing some of the things I often don’t have time to do. If you’re in a bit of a lockdown funk or just looking for some different ideas, I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration or you’ve just had fun finding out what I’ve been up to!

I would love to hear some of the things you have been up to or if you’ve been baking anything yummy!

Also, If you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday Friday!