My Lockdown Skincare Routine

We are now into Week 8 of lockdown and let me tell you, my skin has not been loving it. I really thought with all this time at home and me not really wearing any makeup, that my skin would flourish. However, for the first few weeks my skin was not happy at all. Over the last three weeks I have really been perfecting my lockdown skincare routine and I wanted to share it.

Elemis Skincare - Lockdown Skincare

I think because I wasn’t wearing makeup, I neglected my lockdown skincare a bit and boy oh boy was that the wrong thing to do. I had a few breakouts and I actually had a bit of a reaction to a cleanser I had been using. I decided I needed to revisit some of my favourite skincare products and that meant turning to my holy grail skincare brand… Elemis!

Last year I discovered the Superfood range from Elemis and after using some of the products, I knew it was going to be a favourite of mine for a long time. I actually wrote a blog post when I discovered it!

I repurchased the Superfood Facial Wash and the Superfood Day Cream. I love both these products and have found that my skin responds really well to both. I think because both are full of supergreens and prebiotics (lots of good stuff like wheatgrass, broccoli, avacado, ginger etc.) it is helping to make my skin healthier as well as giving a revitalised complexion.

You can tell by the smell of both products how many amazing ingredients they contain. Although pricey for skincare products, I would rather spend out a bit more on products where I know I’m going to see a real improvement. I have quite sensitive skin as well and these products do not cause me any problems, so if you have sensitive skin and were worried about how rich these products would be, I would say give them a try.

Moving on from the superfood range. As the sun has started shining a bit more, I knew I needed to get a good spf, to add to my lockdown skincare, to protect my skin. I tried the Elemis Spf one once before but did a lot of research before repurchasing. I find a lot of spf’s too greasy for my skin and I’m often left with a breakout. As I’d tried the Elemis one before I decided to give it a proper go.

I apply it after the superfood day cream (this is what it instructs you to do). It doesn’t feel overly greasy and actually absorbs into the skin quite well. After a few minutes I can’t feel any residue on my skin. It is spf 30 and I have sat in the sun with it on for quite a long period of time. I didn’t burn at all and felt that my skin was very well protected. This spf can also be worn on its own or under makeup.

Elemis Day Cream and Skin Buff - Lockdown Skincare

Over in my things to do in lockdown blog I mentioned that I had been taking part in Wellness Wednesday and giving my skin a good old pamper. In my routine I like to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and then moisturise.

To exfoliate I like to use the Elemis Skin Buff. I’ve tried lots of different exfoliators including the Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator (which is a great alternative!). However, I find the Elemis skin buff is the one of the only exfoliators with small enough grains in it to really clean the skin properly. After using this product my skin looks brighter and visibly softer.

The final product I wanted to mention is a mask. I love facemasks and use a real mix of brands – I love the Loreal Clay Mask! When my skin is feeling slightly more delicate though, I tend to choose the Herbal Lavender Repair Mask.

This masks main ingredients are lavender, rosemary and thyme along with kaolin clay. I find that this mask is really soothing on the skin and works well with congested skin. After using this mask my skin looks visibly brighter, blemishes are reduced and If I’ve had any angry breakouts, this really helps to calm my skin in order for it to repair. This is definitely one of my favourite masks.

Elemis Herbal Lavender Mask - Lockdown Skincare

After 8 weeks in lockdown my skin is finally starting to get back to a place that I am happy with. These Elemis products have helped to transform my skin and help me to feel more confident! For me Elemis is one of those skincare brands I can always rely on. It’s the brand I turn to if my skin is reacting to other brands or unusual events!

I’d love to know which skincare brands are your favourite and which you lockdown skincare you have been relying on to help your skin look great, let me know in the comments!

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Jordyn Amber x