Bank Holiday Relaxation with New In Lush

Doesn’t having an extra day at the weekend feel like such a luxury? It’s not even the end of the bank holiday Monday and I’m already looking forward to the next one at the end of May. Having that extra day means extra time to relax, which is why I would share with you how I achieve bank holiday relaxation with new in lush products!

Lush products have been a staple in my bath routine for many years now and I really love finding and trying new products when they get released. I especially love getting my hands on new bath bombs, I mean they are so fun to use right?

Two new lush bath bombs that I have added to my collection are the Stegosaurus Fun Egg and the Marshmallow World bath bomb. The Marshmallow Bomb smells of sweet vanilla and strawberry and feels very indulgent and yummy, like a sweet you would have as a child! The Stegosaurus Fun egg is filled with uplifting grapefruit and bergamot oil and will add a touch of fun with popping candy! It also comes with a little fun stegosaurus dinosaur which can be used as a body wash… bonus!

I haven’t actually used these lush bath bombs yet however I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing bath and drop one of these in. Especially as I can get at least two baths out of the stegosaurus egg! I always find lush bath bombs super relaxing as you can watch the colours swirl around you while smelling the sweet soothing fragrances encapsulated within!

As there is another bank holiday coming up in May that means even more time to relax. If you haven’t get yourself down to your local Lush store and have a look at all their amazing new products. Lush really have outdone themselves with new products recently… there are so many that I want to try!

If you have a holy grail lush product that you think I should try, I would love to hear about it. One of my favourite things to do is try new Lush products! Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Also if you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

Update: The Marshmallow World bath bomb is my new favourite! It smells delicious, is super moisturising and has the most gorgeous colours within it! *immediately goes to order more*

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