My Favourite Festive Traditions

I actually cannot believe it is already the 9th of December and as per usual I am feeling very unprepared! As the big day approaches I start to enjoy all my favourite annual festive traditions and really get into the spirit of Christmas. As Christmas is my favourite time of year I thought I would share with you my favourite festive traditions.

Festive Traditions

The first tradition I want to kick off with starts right at the beginning of December. Yes you guessed it… it’s tree decorating! I’ve always loved having decorations up around the house so the second it turns December I am all over it!

We have a tradition with my other half’s family where we all go out together and choose the real Christmas tree (It has to be the same height as me!) and then come back to the house, pop on our Christmas jumpers and spend the afternoon/evening decorating, singing to Christmas music and enjoying a tipple! It’s the best way to kick of December and the festive season.

Another annual tradition that I love to partake in is our family games night. Every year my other half’s family and I come together for a takeaway night and I literally love it, it is so much fun!

Not only do we have a Chinese but every year I buy us a new family game to play… last year it was Cards Against Humanity which was an obvious highlight! I haven’t actually bought our new game for this year, although I have seen some good ones online!

Festive Traditions

Another tradition I love actually takes place on Christmas morning. Although this might be quite an obvious tradition I love sitting around in the morning with my family exchanging gifts. I love giving gifts so it’s so much fun watching all my family open the gifts I’ve selected from them.

We’ve never been a family that could make gift giving last all day, my brother was a super early riser as a kid! Obviously, my brother and I still have the ‘what time are you getting up’ conversation, I’m not sure we will ever grow out of that!

Festive Traditions

Aren’t festive traditions funny? Every family has their own traditions, some similar to others and some completely different! I love hearing about people’s favourite traditions and I’m sure I’ve got loads more that I do without even thinking! Let me know about all your festive traditions in the comments.

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Jordyn Amber x

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