The Pink Gift Guide

It’s time for another gift guide and I wanted to create one that was focussed around quite girly things. I had a look at my collection and started picking out some of my favourite products and quickly realised a lot of it was pink! Hence the title… The Pink Gift Guide!

The Pink Gift Guide
  1. The Hourglass Limited Edition Palette

Hourglass are a high end makeup brand who create some of the most amazing beauty products. Last year I was gifted this beautiful Ambient Lighting Palette and it is so good. This palette can pretty much be used on your whole face, it has a two blushers, a highlighter, a bronzer and two setting powders. The powders are so fine that they leave a flawless finish!

These palettes are released every year and come in the most beautiful packaging. This year’s palette is called the Ghost Edit and it is sooo pretty! If you are looking to splash out on someone special, as this palette is £75, it would make a perfect gift to find under the tree!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
The Pink Gift Guide

2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

I just have to start by saying this perfume is hands down my favourite fragrance ever, I even wrote a blog post about it back in 2017! It was a no brainer that I had to mention this in my Christmas gift guide!

I have been a lover of this fragrances for years, it is light, floral but elegant. I always get so many compliments when I wear this fragrance and it would make a perfect gift for someone who loves a sweet beautiful smelling fragrance that isn’t overpowering. This perfume also comes in the most exquisite bottle and at Christmas Viktor and Rolf tend to release a beautiful limited edition bottle!

Again, if you want to splash out and buy your loved one a special fragrance this is definitely the one to get… I would be overjoyed to be gifted this at Christmas! Viktor and Rolf have also released so many variations of the original Flowerbomb, making it so much easier to find the perfect scent. I’m currently lusting after the Flowerbomb Midnight perfume!

3. Abbott Lyon Blush Mirror Watch

Sticking with the pink theme, the Abbott Lyon blush watch is the prettiest watch around in my humble opinion. Abbott Lyon have completely upped their game over the last couple of years, having released some truly stunning products. This watch caught my eye last year and I actually treated myself to it in the Black Friday sales.

It is such high quality and doesn’t have an extortionate price tag like most watches but still makes for a beautiful accessory. I love this watch as it looks really dainty but can still add a touch of pink to an outfit. Abbott Lyon also have some other really beautiful products that would make lovely gifts.

Abbott Lyon Watch, Pink Gift Guide

4. Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge highlighter fan. They are so sparkly and I am like a magpie when it comes to sparkly makeup… anything sparkly in fact! The Too Faced highlighter is called the diamond highlight so it was a no brainer that I was going to love it and it would feature in the pink gift guide! I’ve been trying this product for the last couple of months now and I love it!

It is white in colour but so fine that it diffuses on the face leaving a rainbow like trail. It is quite an obvious shimmery highlighter so would be a perfect gift for a makeup lover who likes to make a statement. I love to use this highlighter when I really want to make my makeup stand out!

This product also comes in the most fun packaging, it opens just like you would open a diamond ring box! So if you don’t want to buy the real thing yet, opt for this instead haha!

Other products that I think would make really lovely Christmas gifts are:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lucky Diamonds Lipstick
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in ‘Too Bad I’m Bad’
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in ‘Rose Gold’
  5. Pandora Rose Gold Jewellery
  6. Too Faced Love Lights Highlighter

And last but not least… rose wine! Because who doesn’t love wine right?!

Pink Gift Guide

I hope this pink gift guide has given you some inspirations for your loved ones! Also, If you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Jordyn Amber x