A Day Trip to Arundel

Alas, we are back in lockdown. Although I hoped it wouldn’t happen again, I’m not really surprised. However I don’t want to dwell, so I thought I would share some fun posts including things we can all look forward to in the future such as lovely day trips. So first up I thought I would share a day trip to Arundel.

I went to Arundel for my birthday in the summer this year and had such a lovely day that I wanted to share a few of my favourite spots.

LG Cafe Arundel

One of the first places I wanted to mention is somewhere to get all the sweet treats you could ever desire. LG Cafe in Arundel is tucked down a little lane but is a gorgeous pink haven full of lots of homemade yummy treats, perfect for a pitstop!

They make all manor of yummy treats such as cakes, brownies, biscuits and even pastries. They also have a variety of hot and cold drinks on offer. Although word of warning, as they are vegan, they use lots of nutty flours meaning they are not a suitable place for people who have a nut allergy!

I’ve also just looked and seen that during lockdown they are doing a cake-away service, so if you’re local pop on down and see their gorgeous Christmas decor as well as grabbing some lovely treats!

LG Cafe Arundel

Swanbourne Lake

The first place we visited was Swanbourne Lake where you can hire little boats and row around the lake. It’s fab and a lot of fun with friends. Although the lake isn’t huge, it isn’t massively expensive and you get an hour to row around taking in the beautiful views… while trying not to fall in!

There are also some lovely walks around the lake which really show off the beauty of Arundel. There is also a little cafe/hut where you can get a hot drink for these cold winter days!

Arundel Castle

One of the main reasons we visited Arundel was to visit Arundel Castle. The castle is a fantastic piece of architecture which is the main focal point of the town. It stands tall in the centre and we just couldn’t not visit it. There are two ways to visit the castle: to visit the castle and the gardens or visit the castle on it’s own.

We chose to visit the gardens on it’s own as we wanted to have a look about but we had lots of places we were visiting during the day, so didn’t want to spend all day there. The gardens are stunning and as you would expect with a castle, perfectly tended to!

After visiting these main places, we did have a mooch about the town, which is very quaint with lots of lovely shops and places to eat.

There are so many lovely places to visit in Arundel. We only touched upon the amazing places has to offer and we would love to go back post lockdown and visit inside the castle.

Arundel do have an online tourist site so if you fancy planning a fun day trip, I would recommend having a look!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S If you aren’t local to Arundel or fancy visiting somewhere else I’ve also got a day out to Bath up on the blog.