My Top 5 Beauty Advent Calendars

We are now over a week into November which means one thing… the countdown to Christmas! Every year I look forward to the build up and part of that includes opening an advent calendar! I love all types of advent calendar whether that is diving into a chocolate one or sneaking a look behind the door at a mini beauty product, there really is no better way to entice you out of bed on a cold winter morning!

For the last two years running I have had a beauty advent calendar (big up my boyfriend for being amazing!), so this year I wanted to share my top 5 beauty advent calendars which *shock* you can still get your hands on!

John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar £150

I have to start with the John Lewis calendar as it’s the one I have had for the last two years running. The JL calendar is a firm favourite of mine as it has some really lovely beauty brands in it that I wouldn’t usually think to try such as Rodial, Hérmes, Clarins, By Terry as well as firm favourites Charlotte Tilbury and Nars. The products are also really varied, it includes everything from perfume, skincare, makeup to bodycare making this calendar one of the most varied on the market.

Every year the John Lewis advent calendar comes in really lovely packaging, which is reusable so it can easily be kept and refilled year on year. This years beautiful box comes in Red, Pink and Purple.

John Lewis Advent Calendar 2019

The next two calendars I’m going to mention are two of the pricier advent calendars on the market. These are the calendars I swoon over and the one you might choose if you really want to treat yourself. They are the Crème de la crème of advent calendars!

Harrods of London £250

Now Harrods is known as a high end London brand and their advent calendar is no exception to this. Full of dreamy high end products that are worth over £700 if bought separately! This calendar provides a good way to try out different high end brands without having to buy full size products – the perfect Christmas testers!

Dior Beauty £340

Dior is a designer brand that every year creates the most beautiful advent calendar. The stunning intricate designs on the calendar make me want to display it on my mantelpiece regardless of what is inside… it’s just a bonus that there are so many lovely products in it as well!

Lush Twelve Days of Christmas £75

Now I couldn’t write an advent calendar post without mentioning Lush now could I? Every bath lover has tried lush products and every year that create every bath lovers dream… and advent calendar full of bath bombs! My boyfriend actually made me own a few years back where he chose a few of my favourite bath bombs and gave me one every day up to Christmas, it was amazing!

The Lush advent calendar is full of all the festive bath time treats that will fill your bathroom with gorgeous Christmas scents including the classic candy cane bubble bar, the polar bear bubble bar and the Yog Nog shower gel! The advent calendar is £75

Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar £210

Selfridges isn’t a shop I’ve looked at for advent calendars before but when collating this blog post I came across the beauty advent calendar and oh my it is amazing. Yes it is hella expensive but wow the products in this advent calendar are dreamy! There are so many amazing brands in this calendar including: slip, Laura Mercier, Nars, Face Halo and many many more!

This calendar has 25 doors, yes there is one for Christmas Day, in the prettiest baby pink and gold packaging. It’s so pretty that, I’m tempted just by the packaging! This calendar would be perfect for someone who loves some of the more well known beauty brands.

As I said earlier, all these calendars are still available to purchase, so you can still get your hands on a gorgeous calendar before December 1st! I hope you have fun finding the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one because lets face it, Christmas 2020 needs to be a good one!

Jordyn Amber x