Swapping Glasses for Contact Lenses has Transformed my Vision

I’ve been wearing glasses for so long now that I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t wear them. To be honest wearing glasses didn’t really bother me. Yes, they smear up all the time and I’m forever cleaning them. Yes watching tv in bed can mean the glasses are digging into your head if you’re lying on you side and yes I spend forever pushing them back up into the correct position after they’ve fallen down my face. However, on the whole I usually forget I’ve even got them on. Until someone takes a picture that is and they are there staring back at me!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually mind how I look in glasses. However, I’d had a few big occasions popping up and the thought of having to wear glasses when I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends was not a good one.

Dailies Total Contact Lenses

I have to be honest, getting contact lenses was not my first thought. I had actually contemplated getting laser eye surgery. However, when I went for my eye test, they said that I wouldn’t be able to get laser eye surgery as the deterioration of my eyes had not been stable enough.

This was a bit of a blow for me as I thought it could pretty much solve my eyesight and enable me to stop wearing glasses. It looked like contact lenses were the only option.

The thought of wearing contact lenses actually made me feel a bit nervous. The thought of putting something foreign in my eye and leaving it there all day, freaked me out a little. However, I vowed to give it a go for the sake of vanity.. haha!

I decided to go for the free trial with Specsavers (more on that later) and was able to have a week of trying out lenses. I was a bit worried as I thought they would just give me some contact lenses and then send me on my merry way. However, Specsavers showed me different types of lenses and advised me on which would be the best to try based on my prescription and the prices of lenses I was after.

Boots eye drops

Specsavers then took me to try the contact lenses on with a specialist. She showed me how to safely apply and remove the contact lenses even with my acrylic nails! I was told I had to show I could put them in and take them out three times before they would pass me to continue the trial at home.

I have to say I put the contacts in and was instantly happy with the results. I couldn’t feel the lenses in my eyes at all and I could see everything… it was amazing! I loved the freedom of not having to wear glasses but still being able to see everything. I had a great weeks trial and decided to buy a box so that I could wear contacts on any special occasions (I’m still pretty happy wearing my glasses day to day).

Although getting the contact lenses was amazing, and the lady that showed me how to put them in was amazing. I wasn’t totally blown away by the ‘free trial’ specsavers offer on contact lenses. Yes you get 7 sets of lenses to try but I had to pay for my sight test before I could start the trial. Okay that’s pretty standard as I hadn’t had one for a while.

However, when I went back for my follow up appointment in order to be apparently ‘signed off’ for contact lenses, they did all the same checks I had had done for my sight test the previous week and then got charged £25 for the privilege. When I questioned why I was being charged this hidden fee, I was told you only don’t have to pay it if you take out a direct debit for contacts and not just buy them when you need them. I was not very impressed. I usually receive such great service at Specsavers but I’m not sure what happened here and if it was just miscommunication.

contact lenses

I would definitely say if you’re thinking about getting contact lenses, go for it! You will not regret it, I can even wear sunglasses without looking stupid because I have to wear my normal glasses underneath or not being able to see because I’ve ditched my glasses!

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Jordyn Amber x

P.S I can finally wear my favourite Tiffany sunglasses that I bought so long ago and actually be able to see out of them!