Why Having a Love of Animal Print is So On Trend Right Now

Topshop Animal Print Accessories

Animal print has hit the high streets in a big way and has been dominating the fashion industry. Until recently I didn’t really wear animal print. It was always one of those things that I was never brave enough to try and didn’t really think I could pull off. So I wanted to know why having a love of animal print is so on trend right now, as I had seen across so many peoples social pages.

Animal print suddenly boomed back into popularity and gone where the days where you would be compared to Pat Butcher. People where suddenly wearing leopard print, snake skin and the like and it looked good. I wanted to give it a try!

Pretty Little Thing Leopard Print Skirt

I really wanted to try leopard print having always been a secret fan of it. However, I tried on a few pieces in Hollister but the tone of the clothes just didn’t suit my skin colour. So it was back to the drawing board.

I had also seen the tie side skirts had become a bit of a thing and they looked so flattering on so many people. It was my mum who actually got me my leopard print wrap skirt from Pretty Little Thing but from the second I put it on I knew I loved it. The leopard pattern on the satin create such a lovely colour and the skirt looked super flattering on, I was converted!

Topshop Bag and Heels

Once I was converted there was no stopping me, I walked straight into Topshop and found all the animal print items I could find! I picked up the most gorgeous snake print handbag (which is now in the sale for £15) and then found some amazing snake print heels (which are also in the sale) to match. I have loved styling them up in different outfits especially with some gold accessories, especially black ones where the animal print becomes the focal point.

Pretty Little Thing Snake Print Skirt

My animal print love continued when I saw that Pretty Little Thing did a snake skin version of the leopard print wrap skirt that I had. Obviously I immediately bought it and couldn’t wait to wear it! I ended up wearing it to my anniversary meal and felt amazing in it.

I have seen so many people wearing animal print at the moment and it looks so good. So many shops have got different animal print items in at the moment and I expect that it will continue to be popular over the coming months. I was shocked at how much I liked animal print and how much it actually suited me, so if you’re worried about taking the plunge… do it! You won’t regret it.

Topshop Animal Print

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Jordyn Amber x