My Ultimate Lockdown Binge List

We’ve been in lockdown now for the best part of a year so I’ve had lot of time to watch TV and boy have I watched a lot! I’ve watched some really good things so I thought I would create a post sharing my ultimate lockdown binge list!

My Ultimate Lockdown Binge List

1. Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris is a Netflix original series featuring Lily Collins. It focuses on an American girl who moves to Paris to give her take in a French marketing firm. It’s safe to say it doesn’t go well and the series follows Emily as she lives and works in France, following her friendships, love life and everything else.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like Emily in Paris as it looked a but cheesy but one episode in and I was hooked, I just couldn’t stop watching! My other half even sat and watched all of it!

2. Peaky Blinders

I am definitely late to the party with this one but during the second lockdown my other half convinced me to watch BBC’s Peaky Blinders, as he has watched it three times and loved it. I’ve tried once before but decided to try again and I’m so glad I did because I loved it and would regularly watch 3+ episodes in one sitting.

There are currently 5 series you can binge with a sixth in the making. The story follows the Shelby Family after the first world war. The Shelby Family run by Thomas Shelby live in Birmingham and the series follows them in the building of their crime organisation. There are so many twist and turns that with each new episode comes new suspense and the need to watch more! My favourite of the series were 1 and 2.

3. Virgin River

I had seen Virgin River being talked about all over Instagram and had no idea what it was. Turns out it was another Netflix original series (they are smashing it!) based on the Virgin River Novels by Robyn Carr. It’s a romantic drama series with two series of 10 episodes.

Mel Monrose moves to Virgin River for a fresh start leaving her painful past behind. She replies to an ad to work as a nurse and midwife in Virgin River but small town living is not as simple as she expected. The turbulent series follow Mel as she adjusts to her new life with new people. I really loves this series as it had romance, drama and such interesting story lines! I cannot wait for series 3 to be released!

4. Sweet Magnolias

This series took me by surprise as it was just something I scrolled past on Netflix and I liked the look of. It’s a series about three best friends as they navigate relationships, careers and parenthood. It was such wholesome viewing and really reminded me of the relationship I have with my friends!

Although it was a wholesome watch, it was interesting and because it’s based on three different people and their lives there are lots of separate storylines which intertwine into one.

5. London Kills

If you hadn’t already guessed I love a crime drama so when my parents recommended London Kills, I was all over it. It’s a BBC drama following a police crime unit solving murders across London. Each episode follows a different murder but the overarching story follows the disappearance of the lead detectives wife. It is face paced, gripping and made me want to keep watching.

6. Marcella

Yes you guessed it… another crime drama! Again, I’m late to the party with the ITV drama Marcella as the third series has just been released. We didn’t really have any clue what Marcella was about before we started it but we powered through the 3 series in record time!

The three series follow Anna Friel staring as Marcella who returns to her job in the metropolitan police after raising a family. As the series unfold we learn more about Marcella’s life and the secrets she has been keeping. Her secrets start to effect her ability to her job and everything spirals. I do have to say series 1 and 2 were my favourite. Series 3 gets a little bit far fetched for me but I did enjoy watching it none the less!

7. The Bay

There is definitely a theme here. The Bay is another ITV detective drama following DC Lisa Armstrong who is investigating a missing person in Morecombe. There are two series and I found this to be a nice easy but interesting watch. Along with solving the murders/missing person there are some personal issues thrown in for good measure to add to the drama.

8. How to Get Away With Murder

In all honesty this was a series my other half and I started because we had watched everything else we wanted to watch and were scrolling until we found something. I had seen a few people raving about Netflix’s How to Get Away With Murder but had never really looked at it.

It’s about a defence lawyer called Annalise Keating who teaches at Law School and hires 5 law students to work with her. However, everything gets turned on its head when they all get caught up in a murder which they try and cover up. The twists and turns don’t end there either as there are 6 series tobinge your way through.

If you do start this series stick it out. I didn’t love it to start with and it took me a whole series to really get into it, but once you’re in it is addictive.

9. Des

Des is a 3 part crime series that was released on ITV staring David Tennant however it was based on the true story about the Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen. I found this series really interesting having not been alive while it happened. The series had lots of information/facts that made it gripping and a good watch. David Tennant’s acting in this was also exceptional. Although a very good watch, I did find it quite sad knowing it was based on a true story.

10. The Pembrokeshire Murders

This series is another 3 part crime series that was released on ITV, again based on a true story. It sees detective Steve Wilkens searching for a forensic breakthrough to finally arrest and prosecute John Cooper for the Pembrokeshire murders. Again because it was based on a true story there was a lot of information making it interesting and gripping. I always tend to find if it’s based on a true story, it usually has a more gripping storyline.

11. Junior Bake Off

Finally, if crime dramas aren’t your thing then my final favourite is a definite comfort show – Channel 4’s Junior Bake Off! My other half and I watched Junior Bake Off as we enjoyed the Great British Bake Off and this looked like a good add on and oh boy it was! Imagine how great normal Bake Off is with children who are more fun, help each other and drop food on the floor and still serve it to the judges because *3 second rule*! It’s such a feel good watch and is made better by Harry Hill being a presenter with endless jokes! If you love Bake Off, I would 100% recommend this!

There we have it, 11 of my favourite lockdown watches, I hope you find something that takes your fancy. I’ve now run out of things to watch so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!

Happy watching!

Jordyn Amber x