Fun Zoom Pub Quiz Categories

Lockdown has been going on for a long old time now and lots of us have been unable to see our friends in person for months. It meant for most of us we had to get creative and find new ways to spend time with our friends without physically being with them.

Summer Lockdown Zoom Quizzes

As well as enjoying the sunshine, a lot of us have turned to online platforms to talk to our friends with one of the most popular being Zoom. We’ve been using Zoom to take part in weekly Zoom pub quizzes with a big group of our friends. It’s such a great platform for this as we can have a large amount of people in the group, there is no time limit, we can set it up so there is a password to enter and we can set the meeting to reoccur each week!

Instead of just chatting and catching up (which we do aswell), we take part in pub quizzes, as I said earlier, where we each bring a category. It’s been so much fun and each week the categories have got funnier and more exciting.

I wanted to share some of the categories we’ve done incase you’ve got a quiz coming up and need some inspiration!

  • Sex Positions (This was very fun, seeing all our friends guess!)
  • 80’s Music (For this one everyone did a different music category!)
  • Riddles
  • Celebrity Baby Pictures
  • Rom Com Films
  • Famous Slogans
  • Top Hits Music

I also thought I would share some of the quizzes our friends have done because they have come up with some amazing categories!

  • Animal Kingdom
  • Alcohol and Spirits
  • Questions about your friends (This gets juicy!)
  • General Knowledge
  • Men or Women (statistics proving whether men or women do something more!)
  • Logos
  • Faces (Pictures of you/your friends with someone’s face covered with an emoji and you have to guess who it is)
  • Who’s Status/Tweet is this (Also very juicy and funny!)
  • Blockbuster Movies
  • Geography
  • Kids/ TV theme tunes
  • The price is right (guess the price of random items!)
  • Gibberish
  • Guess the instagram photo
  • Catchphrase
  • Name the film/tv character
  • Guess the song lyrics from google translate
  • Go get it (run to get random items from your house in ten seconds, this was great fun!)
  • Wrong answers only (give a wrong but the funniest answer)
  • GCSE questions
  • Celebrity Mashups

I have taken part in all these Zoom pub quizzes and they have been so much fun. It’s been a great way to stay connected with friends. We even usually have a little drink while we are playing so it’s just like being at the pub! I hope this has given you some quiz inspiration. We have another quiz in the next couple of days so time to think up a new category!

Thanks so much for reading, if you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Jordyn Amber x

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