The Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Collection

It may only be November but as we get closer to the festive season, lots of shops are beginning their Christmas campaigns. Charlotte Tilbury have already launched their Christmas collection and gift shop and it is beautiful. As I am already on the Christmas hype along with Charlotte Tilbury, I wanted to share the Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Collection turned Gift Guide.

Light Wonder Foundation £34

I’ve talked about the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder before but it is still one of my daily foundations. I can be quite picky with foundations because some tend to make me break out. However, this foundation is great if you want something quite light on the skin that isn’t going to clog it but still leave you feeling like you’ve got enough coverage.

For me this foundation is all about giving you that dewy fresh faced look. It’s light on the skin and very easy to blend which means it’s super easy to create a flawless even base. I also find this foundation quite buildable. I can opt for a shear dewy look, or build it up for slightly more coverage. This foundation is also offered in a variety of shades meaning their is a tone to suit every skin type.

The Retoucher Concealer £25

I’m one of those people who likes to wear a good concealer so that I don’t have to retouch my makeup throughout the day… I mean who really has time for that. Along with my trust Rimmel concealer, The Retoucher has been my more luxury concealer of choice for the last two years. It gives a medium coverage, which is easy to blend on top of or underneath foundation. It is easy to apply with the brush applicator and will last a long time, even with daily use.

Wonder Glow £15 or £39

I’ve been using Wonder Glow on and off for about a year now, having received it in my beauty advent calendar last year. It’s a primer that you can use alone or under foundation. On first glance I wasn’t sure about this product as it appeared to be super glowy and I was worried it could end up leaving my skin looking oily. However, This product leaves a light sheen on the skin, that looks like a natural sun kissed glow.

I use this product in both ways. Alone if i’m not really doing anything but want to give my skin a bit of life, or under foundation to help create a flawless, glowy base. This product is very light and when applied to the skin, it softly blends without clogging the pores or leaving the face looking heavy. It adds that holiday glow and is my perfect primer for the winter time.

Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder £33

This product is fairly new to me having only tried it properly since August. But oh my goodness, I have no idea why I haven’t tried the Genius Magic Powder before because it is incredible. I realise that is a big statement but it is one of the only powders I have tried that sets my makeup without leaving it looking cakey. It also doesn’t leave a powdery residue on the skin and is sheer but still able to set my makeup in place. Charlotte Tilbury describe this powder as having ‘ingredients to help blur imperfections, visibly reduce the appearance of dark shadows and boost radiance for mattified, smoother-looking skin’ and I couldn’t agree more!

Eyes to Mesmerise £22

Again, the Eyes to Mesmerise pots where not something I had tried from the CT brand before, however was gifted two for my birthday in Rose Gold and Jean. The only cream eyeshadow I had tried before was from Maybelline (which I still love!), so I was excited to try these slightly more luxury pots having seen lots of influencers rave about them.

As soon as I put these on I knew I was going to love them. They are so easy to apply, either with your finger or a brush, blend easily and are very pigmented. I put the smallest amount on the centre of my lid and was able to blend it out to create a simple effective eye makeup look without adding any other products. A word of warning though, this product dries very quickly so you need to blend it as soon as you put it on!

Hollywood and Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand £29

As you can probably tell, I’ve really enjoyed using more cream and liquid based products recently and having seen the Beauty Light Wands on Instagram I was interested to give them a go. I actually bought these in the Westfield store in London so I could test them before purchasing. As usual with CT products I instantly liked them and so they ended up in my bag!

The Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is a gorgeous light gold highlighter that creates a beautiful subtle shimmer. It is easy to apply using the applicator on the tube and blends out to leave a natural glowing shimmer that sits nicely on top of foundation.

The Glowgasm Light Wand in Peachgasm is effectively a peach liquid blusher in a tube. I’d never used a blusher in a tube before in fear of ending up looking silly… I’ve been known to use too much blusher on occasions! However, this product adds a subtle touch of colour with some shimmer that reflects light beautifully. Being a peach colour it isn’t too harsh on the skin and can be built up if you prefer a stronger cheek colour.

Pillow Talk Diamonds Lipstick £25

This product is a new one not only to my collection but the Charlotte Tilbury collection as well. It’s a sheer bronze lipstick that has glitter running through it. I remember seeing the advertisement for this product when it was released and thinking how amazing it looked, however I wasn’t really sure if it was a product I would get on with as I usually go for more matte lip products.

However, I tested this product in the shop on my hand and loved it! It’s very light but not sticky and has gorgeous colour pay off and the sparkle is well amazing! I love anything with a bit of sparkle! I’ve been wearing this product for a couple of weeks now and it’s really lovely. It feels really luxurious on the lips, like it is nourishing them as well as looking super pretty.

Glowing Jen Hot Lips Lipstick £28

The final product I want to talk about is the Glowing Jen Lipstick from the Hot Lips collection. I am a sucker for a CT lipstick so when I saw she had released these amazing lipsticks in the most beautiful packaging, I knew I had to have one! I had a look at all the beautiful shades and finally settled on ‘Glowing Jen’ which is a beautiful pinky rose shade that I would also describe as a nude pink. It looks beautiful on and is the perfect daytime look if you want a slick of colour to brighten up your look.

My collection of Charlotte Tilbury products is one of my favourites and the products are made to such a high quality. If you starting to look for gifts for people ahead of the festive season I would definitely head over to the Charlotte Tilbury website. All their products are amazing and I would love to find some CT goodies under the tree!

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Jordyn Amber x

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