Give the Gift of Time

It’s only five days until Christmas… which means although everyone is super excited, everyone could probably do with a little bit more time! I know I could as I am definitely behind on my prep for Christmas. So I had a thought, why not give the gift of time?

I mean obviously you can’t give people an extra day but a beautiful watch is the next best thing right? As you probably already know Abbott Lyon are one of my favourite watch brands and I already own two, the Rose Gold Stellar and the Mocha Mirror watch.

I had been eyeing up a blush mirror watch that Abbott Lyon released a couple of months back but couldn’t justify buying another watch when I already had two beautiful ones! However, on black Friday AL did an insane 50% off deal, which I just couldn’t resist. So I am now the proud owner of the Mirror Blush Watch… which is just beautiful! 

I’ve gone off piste but essentially if you’re looking for a last minute but thoughtful Christmas gift I would definitely suggest taking a peek at the Abbott Lyon website. All of their products are made of such good quality material which lasts, I have had my rose gold watch for over a year now and it still looks pretty much brand new. The watches are also really easy to adjust to fit any wrist without the need to remove links! You just use a little tool to adjust the bracket. 

Additionally, Abbott Lyon also personalise their watches, jewellery and some of their accessories with initials meaning you can really gift someone a super personal gift. I think it shows a lot of thought with a gift, when someone has taken the extra time to think about a special personalisation. The personalisation is slightly more money than if you just bought the original product, however AL often have different deals on or money off codes which help to bring down the price slightly. 

So if you are looking for some last minute Christmas gifts Abbott Lyon are currently offering guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas! I honestly couldn’t recommend this brand enough, they sell some of the most beautiful products that range from watches to clutch bags! I think i’m definitely going to have another sneak peek at all the new products on their website and maybe peek at some jewellery to go with my new watch. 

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S if you want a more in depth review on the Mocha Watch have a read of my previous Abbott Lyon Blog Post