The ‘Iconic’ Winter Glow

Iconic London is a brand I love and have talked about before. However, I wanted to share with you a new product that I recently got called the Luminous Powder. As most of you probably know, Iconic London is a cruelty free and vegan brand who over the last couple of years have successfully marketed a range of new beauty products that hadn’t really been seen before.

I have been following the brand on social media for a couple of years now, as they give great tips on how to use their products and often give sneak peaks of new products they are about to launch. And that is where I came across the luminous powder. I saw someone using the product with the pro buff brush and my instant reaction was that I really liked what I saw. It looked like the perfect bronzer!

I am one of those people who doesn’t particularly like dark matte bronzers as I think they make me look a bit orange as I am quite pale. So I do tend to go for something that is multi-tonal and has a bit of shimmer in it and up until recently I had just been using a drugstore bronzer from Rimmel (which is great just FYI). However when I saw the Iconic London Luminous Powder I really wanted to get my hands on it as it has three different shades within it, that are a pale beige colour, a slightly more golden colour and more of a dark brown bronzer colour all that have a shimmer woven throughout. All intwined into a beautiful block pattern.

When I saw this product in real life I was shocked at just how big it is (its massive and I am never going to run out of it!), but also just how beautiful it is! The bronzer itself is encased in a beautiful rose gold disk with just the black font on the top. There is also a huge mirror in the lid which makes applying this product super easy and the product itself goes pretty much to the edge of the circular disk!

So onto how the product works. I like to apply this product with a medium sized real techniques brush across the top of my face, around my temples, along my cheekbones and onto my neck. I was pleasantly surprised when using this product for the first time at just how pigmented it is, so much so that I applied to much and spent ages blending it out! Luckily for me, this product blends easily and gives a beautiful tanned sheen to the skin.

This product is a great multi-purpose product, it can be used daily to give a light glow or can be used for a night out for more of a glam look. As this product is really easy to blend, it is easy to build up to suit the look you are working towards. Although this product is slightly pricier at £30, the size and quality of the product more than makes up for the cost and more often than not Iconic London have deals on!

Anyway, as always I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Also if you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

p.s this product is perfect for giving you that subtle winter glow that we all want this time of year!

Jordyn Amber x