A Little Life Update

I haven’t actually posted on my blog in about a month, which feels like a really long time! I’ve been super busy and then I came down with flu which turned into a sinus infection over the festive period… I know lucky me right? As it’s the start of the new year though I wanted to kick 2020 off with a little life update.

I haven’t actually done a life update in such a long time that I don’t really know where to start. Maybe I’ll start by reintroducing myself. Im Jordyn, 23 years old, engaged, working full time and blogging as a hobby on the side.

Jordyn Amber Life Update
Dress: Asos Bag: Abbott Lyon Boots: SilkFred

I’ve been blogging now for 2 and a bit years. I started my blog JordynAmber back in August 2017 just as I was embarking on my last year of university. Ever since then it’s been my creative outlet hub where I love sharing all my beauty, fashion and travel finds with the occasional randomness. It’s the place I come to when life gets a bit too much.

I absolutely love my blog and it’s such a lovely way for me to escape from the mundane realities of day to day life. My goal for 2020 is to make my blog stand out more, create more fun content that I love and forge a meaningful space in this community for my little piece of the internet.

Away from the blog I’ve got a lot of other things going on in 2020 which i’m super excited about. This year is a big year for all things life, as you will probably already know I am getting married this year and I cannot wait. I won’t go on about that too much as I have My Wedding Journal up on the blog, but with a lot of the planning in place it’s time for me to enjoy planning all the finer details in the build up to the big day!

Another exciting life change that is going to take place this year is that we are planning on buying our first house. I know it’s mad, am I really old enough? I actually cannot wait to have a place of my own with my FiancĂ© that we can put our own stamp on. I mean I know it is possibly going to get super stressful but it’s already so much fun looking and viewing houses and deciding what we like and would want in our own home.

Life Update Blog Post

It’s only the 6th January but life is already getting busy and I cannot wait to see what the new year and in fact decade has in store for me! I haven’t really made any resolutions this years but I’m aiming to be more positive and proactive and really go for things when I want something. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little life update.

I want to wish you all a really Happy New Year and hope that you have a happy and healthy 2020. Let’s make this year a good one!

Also, If you haven’t already, check out my social media as I will continue to use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S I did do a reflections post in the middle of the year when I turned 23.