The Wedding Journal: Our Food Tasting

I’ve neglected my Wedding Journal for quite a while now as I’ve been in full flow wedding planning so just haven’t had time to sit down and blog about it! However, having planned most of our big day, I’ve actually got time to write some updates! So today I wanted to share our wedding food tasting with you.

We actually went for our food tasting back in June, however because we are having a winter wedding it felt more apt to share our experience at the correct time of year!

Wedding Food Tasting

The food tasting was very well organised. We had pre booked the food we wanted to try and my fiancé and I were allowed to choose a starter, main and pudding each so that we could try two potential dishes.

We turned up at the partner hotel of our venue and were swiftly seated in a lovely restaurant, offered complimentary drinks and welcomed by one of the catering team organisers that I’d been in contact with over email.

It was a super start and made us feel at ease before we had even started eating any food! We were then served a bread basket with some delicious butter to snack on while they prepared the starters.

We were also told that on our wedding day our guests would be served bread to being the meal, which I think is a really great touch.


Starters are something we still haven’t decided on so for us this tasting was about trying a couple of dishes to narrow down our choices. We decided to try a soup and a tart as we aren’t really a fan of some of the more traditional choices.

I do love a soup, so we thought we would try the traditional leek and potato. We both tried the soup, which was very green and my fiancé loved it! However, I wasn’t such a fan, not because there was anything wrong with it but it personally wasn’t to my taste. We then thought about having tomato soup which I love, however I had the bridal fear that I might spill it down myself and that was a massive no go. Soup is off the table!

We then tried a tart. We decided to try a tart because at my Uncle’s wedding they had the most delicious cheese tart as a starter. I didn’t realise how difficult choosing the contents of the tart could be given that we aren’t a massive fan of smelly cheeses! However, we decided to try leek and Wensleydale. That tart was nice, creamy and filling however it just wasn’t for us and not something we could see ourselves eating on our wedding day!

Wensleydale and Leek Tart Starter
Potato and Leek Soup Starter


Our main wedding meal was something we were pretty much 100% before we went to the tasting. We decided that we wanted to try a Christmas dinner given that we are getting married towards the end of the year. Although this was a given, we thought we would try one of the other main options that our caterers offered. Our second option was a chicken and pesto dish.

Our first impressions of the pesto dish was that it looked really tasty. Although, we quickly realised that it was not the dish for us. Pesto is quite an acquired taste and there was a lot of it on the plate and it just overpowered everything else.

The second dish was obviously the Christmas dinner which was our favourite choice and although it was nice, there were a few teething problems. Given that we went to our tasting in June, they served us up the summer version of the Christmas dinner. So although it is what we want there are some tweaks to be made such as: proper gravy, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, roasted parsnips etc. Then it will be a proper Christmas dinner!


Let’s be honest here, dessert was easy. My fiancé and I have got such a sweet tooth that we obviously chose our favourite puddings. My top choice dessert is a chocolate brownie… no surprises there! My fiancé went for the classic vanilla cheesecake.

We were tasting these desserts to see if we wanted them at the wedding but in all honestly we had already decided before we went. These desserts were delicious and we can’t wait to eat them again!

Our food tasting was so much fun and it was really great to be able to try the food prior to our wedding day. As you can tell we are definitely more pudding people than starter people so any suggestions for wedding day starters would be greatly appreciated!

We are actually planning on having another tasting prior to the wedding just to refine each course. Honestly having a food tasting was so much fun!

Wedding Food Tasting

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