Getting that Easy Summer Evening Makeup Look

Summer has finally arrived and the sun is out in full force. As you all know I love a glowy make up look and I definitely feel like in summer you can really go all out with the glow. However, there is definitely a fine line between looking glowy and looking a little sweaty because it’s so hot! I especially love creating summery looks in the evening and getting out all the pretty pink colours. Which is why I want to share how to get an easy summer evening makeup look.

As I said I love a pretty pink look in the summer which is why I have dug out my Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. This palette is made up of 12 neutral pinky shades which can be used to create an array of different looks. I particularly like wearing Liar and Nooner with a hint of Trick or Buzz. Nooner is a matte pink shade and is really great for using in the crease to add more definition. You could definitely choose the lighter colours if you wanted more of an everyday look, or the darker for a more dramatic evening look.

I also love using the Urban Decay Cosmic Moondust eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes and under my brow bone for that extra glow! It’s so glittery and sparkly and really opens up your eyes as it is such a light colour.

To finish off the eyes I always use a slick of mascara. Recently, I’ve been trying to find a new mascara having got tired of wiping of mascara from my face after it’s melted off in the heat! I had heard good things about Maybelline Lash Sensational however really wanted a waterproof mascara that would last all day so was pleased to see, Maybelline had made one! I’m not going to lie, when I first tried this product I wasn’t really sure on it. It went everywhere when I applied and on first wear did smudge a little. I did persevere as it was a product I really wanted to like.

After wearing for a couple of weeks, I have practised with the brush a little more and have managed to stop it smudging. I actually really love this mascara now. It really elongates the lashes and really makes it look like I have got fake lashes on, for half the price! Not only is this mascara really good, lasts all day and doesn’t flake but it is so affordable at only £8.99.

So I don’t just like to have glowy eyes but a glowy face as well. I am all about highlight and shimmering when the sun hits my face! I’ve got a new favourite from Hourglass and that is the Ambient Lighting Powder. Oh my goodness this product is absolutely amazing (along with every other product from Hourglass!). I like to use it to set my make up when I’ve finished and it adds a nice sheen to your skin without looking over the top. It’s also so light on the skin that you can barely feel it.

To finish off my summer evening makeup look I always have to have a slick of lipstick. I am a lipstick type of lady and have so many different shades. I like to wear lipsticks that compliment my eyeshadow so for this pink look I would usually opt for a neutral or pink. One of my favourites for a summer’s evening is New Look‘s satin lipstick. It’s a nude colour and adds a nice natural sheen to the lips.

Another option I sometimes go for is one of the Huda Beauty Blushed Nudes Liquid Lipsticks. It’s a set of 4 varying nude shades that quickly dry down on the lips. I love this set as the nudes are all quite different so you can mix and match then for different looks. My favourite one to wear with this summery evening look is Bombshell.

These products really do help create the perfect summer evening makeup look. However, I do need to make sure that I finish it off with my trusty Urban Decay setting spray or it runs everywhere!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! All of the products mentioned are available on Feel Unique.

Jordyn Amber x

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