Little Black Dress, Your Wardrobe Lifesaver!

Ever got ready for a night out and looked into your rammed wardrobe and thought ‘I’ve got nothing to wear! Because I know I have on so many occasions. Three mini meltdowns, half my wardrobe on the floor and I’m about to give up, when I catch sight of my beloved little black dress. My little black dress has been my lifesaver on many occasions.

I always find that an LBD can be so versatile and great for so many occasions. As an LBD is black I don’t feel like it really has a season, where as other colours can notoriously be seen as summer, winter or vice versa. Black is such a classic colour that it really can be worn at any time of year.

As a LBD is little its also perfect for anytime of year as you’re unlikely to get too hot or too cold. The dress I am wearing is from Rare London, which unfortunately don’t have a business anymore (I have to say I am gutted about this as I absolutely loved their dresses!). There is still some stock left on Rare London of a range of their products. However, you can pick up a little black dress pretty much anywhere on the high street or if you are after something a little more expensive I would definitely recommend heading over to Net a Porter.

The other thing I love about LBD’s is that you can really style them up or down depending on the occasion. If it’s a fun party etc you can wear bright accessories, if you’re going for glam you can add some amazing jewellery or if you want a more sophisticated look you can stick with an all black outfit like I have.

Styling up or down an LBD is such a fun thing to do. You can pretty much pair any accessory with it and it will match and make you look great with minimal effort. I was going for a sophisticated double dinner date at Rowhill Grange so I wanted to look a little more done up than usual without going over the top. This Rare London dress was perfect as it wasn’t short enough to be seen as a party dress but also wasn’t long enough to be seen as a ballroom dress.

Over the last couple of years I have managed to collect a few LBD’s so I really am set for any occasion. I have a couple of shorter and tighter LBDs, and some longer more sophisticated ones. It definitely means that whenever i’m having a ‘i’ve got nothing to wear moment’ I can fall back on my LBD!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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