Clarins Skincare Saviours

Skincare is something I have really started to get into recently. Having been all about make up for a long time (which I still am), I’ve started investing in different skincare to try! Clarins is a brand I hadn’t ever really tried before but my boyfriend got me some tester products in my stocking at Christmas.

Although Clarins was a brand I had never tried before, it was a brand I had heard of and I knew it was pretty high end. Clarins is obviously a very well known brand so I was super excited to try out the products.

I have to say the products were not what I expected. I started off by using the Gentle Foaming Cleanser which was a lot thicker than I expected. It felt very luxurious but because it was quite thick I did have to add quite a lot of water to get it to foam. Once foaming this product spread well and felt like it was absorbed into the skin fairly quickly cleaning away any dirt.

I then tried the Eye Makeup Remover which to be honest I was expecting to be super greasy like other make up removers I had tried and which i’m personally not a fan of. However, this product was far from greasy. It was actually really cooling to use and took off every last inch of eye makeup without leaving a greasy residue behind! It was also quite cool to be able to shake it and mix the the blue liquid with the clear liquid in the bottle which are the oils mixing with the rose and cornflower waters.

Next for my little Clarins skincare routine involved trying out the Gentle Refiner. I’ve used quite a lot of scrubs in the past as I feel they really help clean out your pores and reduce the chance of spots popping up. The Clarins scrub was really good, it has quite small beads meaning you don’t have to rub really hard to get a result (which I find I have to do with bigger bead scrubs) helping to reduce the chance of damaging my skin. A little bit of this product went a long way as well, meaning it will last a long time. Again, this product leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without drying it out.

The final product I had to try was the Toning Lotion. Now I love a toning lotion and this product had to stand up against my favourite Elemis Toner and it gave it a good go! This toning lotion felt light and refreshing on the skin all while removing any last residue of dirt on the skin. It felt very hydrating on the skin and very calming in the sense that it was helping to even out my skin leaving it feeling soft.

I have really enjoyed trying these Clarins products and will be continuing to give them a go over the next couple of weeks. I’d love some recommendations for other great skincare brands that I should try!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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