HP Sprocket – The Portable Printer

You probably have already guessed that I am a little bit obsessed with taking pictures and love any opportunity to capture the moment (something which often irritates my fiancé who prefers to live in the moment!).

Printing off photo’s wasn’t something I really did until I got my Polaroid a couple of years ago which I still absolutely love. However, to be able to get a polaroid picture you have to have the polaroid with you and to be honest it’s not something I tend to carry around on the off chance of a photo!

I have however found an equally as great product that can give you a polaroid-esque photo straight from your phone… the HP Sprocket! The HP Sprocket is a portable printer, meaning you can easily print off your amazing pictures straight from your phone.

The Hp Sprocket is perfect for me as someone who loves to create scrapbooks of my memories, as it means I can print off mini pictures without having to go to the boots photo counter (somewhere I used to frequent a lot!). The photos print super quickly, are off a good quality and come on sticker paper which you can peel off and stick straight down, it’s so convenient.

Not only does the HP Sprocket print amazing photos but it comes with an app where you can upload the photos you want to print and you can edit them and add cute little images, words and patterns. It’s so much fun and meant I could really personalise our engagement photos and make them super cute ready to go in my scrapbook.

The Hp Sprocket’s also come in a variety of designs meaning they are fun and don’t just look like a boring printer. I was also able to get my Sprocket in a package deal meaning I also got given some of the paper, a portable case and a string light to hang the photo’s up on!

The other thing I think is amazing about the Sprocket is that it is Ink-less and uses a fancy technology to print the photos (don’t ask me what it is!). This also means no mess, smudging of photos or changing inks.

The HP Sprocket really is a fab little printer and it’s a great alternative for if you haven’t got a Polaroid. It’s also not too badly priced for what it does and for the great technology it’s got in it. It retails at £129 but you can often get it on a deal where there is money off or you can get a bundle of accessories with it.

I love my little Sprocket and cannot wait to use it to create my engagement scrapbook!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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