Easy Winter Spring Transitional Outfit

It’s getting to that time of year were its not really cold enough to wear a big coat but not really warm enough to ditch the jackets and tights either. Despite the temperature reaching a balmy 15 degrees last week, normal temperature has resumed and so has my lack of fashion inspiration. However, I have found a glimmer of hope in an easy winter/spring transitional outfit!

You may have noticed from my instagram posts that I am a bit obsessed with a long sleeved top and mini skirt look at the moment. I have managed to obtain a vast amount of different coloured/style mini skirts and have been loving working them into my winter wardrobe.

A mini skirt is such an easy item to style up or down, making them the perfect accompaniment to a huge amount other fashion items. As it’s fairly cold in the UK during the winter/spring transition I’ve been styling my mini skirt with a long sleeve top (possibly a polo neck), tights and heeled boots.

This outfit is perfect for a slightly smarter day time outfit, or you can make it slightly cooler by popping a leather jacket over the top to keep you warm on those chillier days. I even add a pair of sunglasses for the ultimate chic look.

You can really dress an outfit up with the accessories you choose. For this transitional outfit in-particular I like to wear a chunky belt, a small bag and a pair of sunglasses. It would be easy to dress it up even further with a pair of chunky earrings.

This outfit is also really interchangeable. I wear this outfit regularly but switch up the colours. As I said earlier I have a range of different colour and material mini skirts so I often like to switch them up. I especially like wearing my corduroy burnt orange skirt for a slightly different texture. It’s also really easy to make this look slightly lighter but still stay warm by wearing a lighter colour palette – I often like to wear a cream polo neck with a light blue skirt or I’ve even started wearing a white skirt!

This outfit really is the perfect look for the transitional weather between winter and spring and is an outfit I will be rewearing a lot in the coming weeks! I’d love to know what you favourite transitional fashion items are, what do you reach for? let me know in the comments!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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