Gucci’s Perfect Valentine’s Fragrance

The day of love has arrived. St Valentines day. A day which I always view as marmite… you either love it or you hate it. It’s not my most favourite day of the year, but I do love any excuse for a celebration. This year My lovely fiancĂ© has booked us a meal out at Zizzi’s (one of my favourite restaurants), so i’m going to be sprucing myself up later with the help of my new favourite perfume.

Yes I finally managed to get my hands on Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and I can hand on heart say it is one of the most beautiful smelling perfumes ever. As you know, I’ve been after this perfume for a while after smelling a sample that came with my Gucci Belt. Since getting it, I think I’ve worn it as much as is humanly possible.

This perfume is very floral and sweet but not in an overpowering way, more in a subtle springlike way. It reminds me of spring/summer in a bottle as well as being very romantic. Although Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia is an Eau De Toilette it does last all day, with no need to reapply.

Also, this perfume is much more of a daytime fragrance compared to its counterpart Gucci Flora which is much more of a stronger evening fragrance. Gorgeous Gardenia is a fragrance that is perfect for day or evening because it is so floral and sweet and most of all versatile.

As well as smelling gorgeous this fragrance comes in the most beautiful packaging. The fragrance is a beautiful subtle pink and is decanted into a very classic clear cut shaped bottle, which looks super chic. The bottle also comes in the most stunning floral designed packaging again with a subtle pink box with brighter flowers, perfect for valentines day.

I am definitely going to be wearing this fragrances to celebrate Valentines Day not only because the colours match the classic valentines but because it smells absolutely beautiful. This fragrance not only reminds me of spring/summer but also of love and romance because it’s so sweet. Perfect for brightening up the duller days.

I am so happy I managed to experience this fragrance and will continue to wear this for years to come. It has definitely become a staple scent.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S Have a read of last years Valentine’s Day post to find out how I spend the day of love!

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