A Spa Break at Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa

As you probably already know I am a big fan of a spa break. So my fiancé and I decided to start the year in style by booking a spa break at one of our favourite hotels, Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa, to brighten up an otherwise dull January!

I wanted to do a review of Alexander house because it is personally one of our favourite hotels to stay in, having had an amazing experience for my fiancé’s 21st back in 2017. Let’s start at the beginning, the booking process was super easy. Alexander House have had a few January deals on the website and we found one we liked however we wanted to upgrade the spa treatment included from 40 minutes to 55 minutes. Instead we decided to ring the hotel and book on the phone, which couldn’t have been easier! My fiancé gave them a call and 10 minutes later we had been upgraded to a luxury king room and our trip had been booked at £215 per person. It is a five star hotel, so the price was to be expected.

Driving up to the hotel is the first amazing experience. The drive up to the hotel is a long one and you arrive in the car park which overlooks the most beautiful view. All you can see for miles is countryside, it takes your breath away! The helipad was also pretty cool. The walk into the hotel is also breathtaking, with huge regal pillars leading into a beautifully decorated reception area. The check-in was super quick and all of the staff are so super friendly and polite. A lovely member of staff offered to take my bags and showed us to our room in a record time.

Now our room was something else, it was astounding. The bathroom was like nothing I have seen before. As you walk into the room there was a little hallway with a big wardrobe. Off to the left was the toilet room, then to the right was the bedroom. The bedroom had a huge king bed in the middle of it, a table and chairs in the right hand corner (complete with a fruit platter and a card congratulating us on our engagement!), a desk/dressing table next to the bed on the left and a TV unit complete with coffee/tea facilities. The bedroom was beautifully decorated and had stunning white shutters in the windows!

So onto the bathroom, which was definitely the most astonishing part of the hotel room. The bathroom was straight across from the door and as we walked in the first thing we saw was a huge roll top bath standing proud in the middle of the room. It was enormous with huge taps in the middle and was complete with a metal bath tray which was a lovely touch! There were also two sinks on either side of the enormous bathroom and a double shower in the corner (yep that’s right a double shower, how insane!).

Once we’d got over the shock of the beautiful room, we headed down to the spa for our full body massages. Again the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful, they really go above and beyond to make sure you have an enjoyable stay. I had a really relaxing massage complete with relaxing oils and came out feeling refreshed and renewed. It really was a five star service.

We then decided to head down and use the spa facilities. The spa facilities are what attracted me to the hotel in the first place as they are so relaxing. As you walk into the spa directly in front of you is a circular hydrotherapy pool complete with lots of different jets and seating sections, behind that is the normal swimming pool. Off to the left is a little hot tub with jets which is quite deep and then outside in the middle of a huge tiled area surrounded by trees is a big hot tub and off to the left is an outdoor sauna. The outdoor hot tub and indoor hydrotherapy pool are my favourite areas to relax and even though the hotel was slightly busy in the spa it feels relaxing and quiet, we were able to sit in the outdoor hot tub for an hour without anyone else coming outside!

The spa really is the height of relaxation due to the beautiful design indoor and out and all of the chairs and beds that are dotted around for you to use. The changing rooms also feel super luxe, with stone showers, ghd hair utensils, a sauna and steamroom. The changing rooms are also big enough to not have to keep running into other guests.

Onto dinner in the Reflections restaurant which has two AA rosettes. The food at Alexander House like everything is perfect. Included in our package we had £35 per person not including drinks and with this I was able to order a small starter, main and the most gorgeous dessert. Again, the service was impeccable, the staff couldn’t do enough to ensure our visit was an enjoyable one.

There was an extra special touch when we returned from dinner where rose petals had been put in an arrow onto the floor pointing to the bed which had ‘ I love you’ written in petals on it! It was such a lovely touch to celebrate our recent engagement and just showed how much Alexander House care about their guests.

Although this blog post has been a long one, I really wanted to give an honest and informative review of my experience at Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa. It really is worth the five stars it has been rated and delivers on the luxury service it promises. We had the most relaxing, enjoyable experience in the most beautiful surroundings and I have no doubt that we will be back visiting again soon.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S If you are looking for a spa break or even a weekend away have a read of my blog post about Rowhill Grange, Alexander House’s sister hotel.

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