The Self-Indulgent Skincare Stocking

With Christmas only 10 days away, I started to think about Christmas morning. Ever since I was a child I’ve had a Christmas stocking and hopefully this year will be no different. This got me thinking about what might make good stocking presents for adults, something thats small, useful and possibly something you might not buy yourself and the one thing I came up with was some nice skincare that you can really relax and be self-indulgent with. 

I love skincare and am always on the lookout for new products and new brands. I am currently loving Charlotte Tilbury and Elemis and thought that their skincare would make great stocking presents. You might be thinking that nice skincare can be quite expensive and would make better under the tree presents and you would be right!

However, I think I have thought of an alternative! If you don’t want to get full sized products but still want to treat a loved one, I think it would be a really lovely idea to by an array of mini skincare products. Lots of different beauty brands offer mini sized products are more affordable prices meaning you could purchase from a few different brands. 

My favourite products from Elemis at the moment are the Skin Buff and the Gentle Foaming Facial Wash. Elemis offer some of the most amazing skincare that feels really luxurious and at Christmas offer some really lovely gift sets that would be perfect to pop in a stocking!

Also my favourite products from Charlotte Tilbury skincare are the daily magic moisturiser and the night cream. There creams require the smallest amount of product on use, meaning even a mini size will last a good amount of time. These products leave your skin feeling really nourished and glowy, so it’s a good think that Charlotte Tilbury also offer lots of different gift sets which include lots of the different skincare, including the two products I mentioned above!

I hope this has given you some inspiration or made you excited for Christmas morning. I would love to know what you are hoping to find in your stocking or under your tree on Christmas morning, or if there are any holy grail skincare brands I need to try!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S If you want to know more about Charlotte Tilbury have a read of my Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Gift Guide!

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