The Perfect Autumnal Fragrance – Gucci Flora

Happy September!

We are now officially in the last third of the year and I just can’t believe how quickly 2018 is going. I literally feel like it was June five minutes ago.

Anyhow, as we are heading towards autumn I wanted to write a post about a new scent I discovered recently. It’s actually a funny story as to how I discovered it, so I will start from the beginning (everybody loves a story time right?)

So I was lucky enough to receive a Gucci Belt from my lovely boyfriend for graduating university with a first (woo go me) and in the box was this beautiful illustration of a bottle of perfume. The card smelt absolutely amazing and I knew that I wanted to get the perfume (yes Gucci’s ploy to sell perfume definitely worked on me!).

My boyfriend then surprised me with the perfume for my birthday, or what he thought was the perfume, Gucci Flora for anyone who is wondering. My boyfriend did the normal thing and looked at the picture on the card of a beautiful yellow bottle and found the same bottle online and ordered it.

When I received it, I opened the beautiful bottle and smelt it, it smelt completely different to the one on the card! Turns out the perfume sprayed on the card was Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia which comes in a pink bottle! (Which I hope to get hold of in the future)

So my boyfriend had actually ordered me the original Gucci Flora, which smells equally as beautiful. Gucci Flora as you can imagine is very floral, but not in a sweet way. The top notes are Citrus fruit and Peony with base notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood. This scent smells very autumnal and is very strong when first sprayed. It almost takes time to mellow once you’ve put it on. The way I would describe this fragrance is to call it mature, not in an old way but in more of a ‘I’ve got my life together’ kind of way.

The fragrance also comes in a beautiful classic bottle with black and gold detailing to match the orangey/gold liquid of the fragrance. It really does look beautiful sat out on display. I absolutely love this fragrance and I am looking forward to wearing it more in the colder months and although expensive I think it makes a perfect gift for someone or even as a little treat for yourself.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x


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