High End Perfume… Is It Worth It?

Does anything make you feel more powerful and ready to face the world than putting on a squirt of your favourite perfume?

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I always feel so ‘put together’ when I have perfume on, almost like it completes my outfit. There is just something so special about being able to wear a nice perfume whether it be on a day to day basis or on a special occasion. I can still remember smelling my favourite perfume for the first time (as cliche as that sounds). I was on a day out in London with my mum and we were mooching around Oxford Street. We were in and out of different shops and decided to head into the big Debenhams, as we were walking around they had a massive display up with Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb on lots of different pillars around the wall displays… it was set up beautifully, if you can imagine that from my description!

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I loved Flowerbomb from the second I smelt it, the floral notes almost burst out of the bottle when I tested it, it smelt amazing. It’s one of those perfumes that feels so luxurious when you put it on and because of that I definitely use it sparingly so that the bottle doesn’t run out too quickly. It is most definitely a luxury perfume.

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It’s hard to explain the smell of this perfume because although it is floral, it’s not too floral and overbearing, if that makes sense. Its more floral with notes of mandarin and orange. I wasn’t sure exactly what notes make up this perfume so I went onto the Boots website to find out.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Bergamot, Tea
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid
Base Notes: Centiflora Rose, Patchouli

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The notes in this perfume just show how luxurious it is. Every time I wear this perfume I get a lot of compliments, which I love because it means people can still smell my perfume. I swear whenever I wear perfume I can smell it for about five minutes and then I can’t smell it again, which is so gutting. However, if you are in the market for a new high end perfume and you are not sure what to go for, I would definitely give Flowerbomb a go, and if you want something slightly sweeter maybe give Flowerbomb Bloom a try.

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Flowerbomb Bloom is Viktor and Rolf’s first new fragrance in over 10 years and WOW did they come back with a bang. This eau de toilette smells incredible! It is similar to the original Flowerbomb but with some more fruity sweet notes. Every time I walk past this in a shop I have to give myself a little spray, I didn’t think I could love a perfume more than the original Flowerbomb but this comes pretty close. Bloom is definitely going on my Christmas list, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Flowerbomb bloom is ever so slightly cheaper then Flowerbomb, however I would still class it as a high end fragrance.

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Also can we just talk about how beautiful the Viktor and Rolf perfume bottles are, especially the Flowerbomb bottles. There is just something so simple and elegant about them, with the mirrored embossed brand name on the solid glass bottle, with slight undertones of pale pink. These bottles look so classy sat on a dressing table, trust me I have got through enough bottles to know! I sometimes keep my empty bottle until I get a new one just because I love the bottle so much!

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The last thing I wanted to quickly mention in this blog post is the Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy fragrance mist because this is my everyday alternative to Flowerbomb. I love this mist because it is quite strong smelling and has similar notes to Flowerbomb. Forever sexy is very floral with hints of amber and orange. It is perfect for the day time because although it is strong it is not overpowering. So if you are after a daytime smell this could be the one for you.

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If you want to buy any of the products mentioned I will link them below:

Flowerbomb Perfume

Flowerbomb Bloom Eau De Toilette

Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy Fragrance Mist

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. September 24, 2017 / 9:21 PM

    This is actually my main fall/winter perfume! & I also have the hair mist. You only need a little and it lasts all day for me. I really want to try their new twists as well, The jasmine one particularly <3

    • September 25, 2017 / 7:04 PM

      Ahh wow I didn’t know they had hair mists I will definitely have to try them! I bet the jasmine one smells beautiful x