The Perfect Watch For Every Occasion

Telling the time has never looked so good.

I thought I was late to the party when I first got my Abbott Lyon rose gold watch, with so many people over the “rose gold” trend. However my next thought was, if you love something you shouldn’t worry what anyone else thinks. Our generation is so caught up in the latest trends and fashions that it can be seen as uncool to wear something just because you love it.

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In all honestly I used to think like this, but recently I’ve realised I don’t have to conform to what society says is “cool”. If I love something, I will rock it and will wear it as much as I can, and you should too! I mean if you spend money on something, you should at least get the wear out of it.

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I feel like i’ve always had my own sense of style – nothing super outrageous I just wore what I liked, but when I was younger I was so much more conscious of what other people thought, maybe it was a lack of self-confidence.

As i’ve got older, I have grown in confidence (which I have to thank my parents and boyfriend for) and my style has evolved as well. Something which i’m thankful for, as I have a never ending supply of photos of me in cringe-worthy outfits!

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Anyway, i’ve gone off on a tangent. What I really wanted to talk about was how much I love my new watch. I have got the rose gold chain stellar 40 watch and its beautiful. I love everything about it . The watch is made of stainless steel and has a 40mm face with a 6mm width. The watch sits flat to the arm and isn’t chunky on the wrist – something which I don’t personally like in a watch. The watch face is simple yet elegant and the bigger version of this watch makes it really stand out on your wrist.

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The other thing I loved about this watch is the packaging it arrived in. The black box was so simple but made me so excited to open it! When you open the fold over flap, the watch is the first thing that stands out, followed by the Abbott Lyon advertising card and the warranty booklet, which has a tool underneath for changing the watch size and straps – Yes you can buy interchangeable straps, something which I am going to do in the future. I think I am definitely going to invest in the mist grey suede Kensington 40 strap, so that I can interchange it between the rose gold and grey.   Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

If unlike me you hate rose gold then this isn’t the watch for you. However, Abbott Lyon have such a range of watches to choose from, ranging from silver to black to mocha! Abbott Lyon also sell jewellery for if you’re looking for that perfect piece to match your watch! Honestly why would you choose to buy your watch from anywhere else, the watches Abbott Lyon sell are perfect for every occasion.

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So there it is, the end of my second ever blog post! I hope whoever reading has enjoyed it and has got the key message which is – wear what you want and rock it!

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Also, top tip for any students out there, you can get 20% off of Abbott Lyon with Unidays!

Thank you for reading

Jordyn Amber x


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