Ted Baker Always Delivers

So i’m currently sat watching Bridget Jones Baby with a cup of hot chocolate and I suddenly thought now would be the perfect time to write my first blog post.

I thought I would start by talking about two of the most amazing bags. As it was recently my 21st birthday, I was lucky enough to be gifted two Ted Baker bags from my amazing boyfriend and best friend – they are literally the best people ever!!

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The first bag I received was the Camisa leather tassel detail camera bag. The bag is pale blue and is seriously one of the most beautiful bags. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset When I opened this I was super pleased that my bestfriend bought this for me, not only because it is a ted baker bag but because it is a colour that I wouldn’t usually go for. I’m that girl that usually shies away from colour and opts for black bags instead.  The colour however is the most beautiful pale blue with silver hardware, which makes it super easy to match with a range of different colour and styled outfits. I definitely think I am going to get a lot of wear out of this bag.

This bag looks small but actually holds a surprising amount. I am able to fit my large ted baker purse, phone, glasses case, keys and lipstick in and still be able to zip it up. I also personally love the square shape of this bag as I think it looks chic and cool, especially as the leather strap means the bag hangs just below the hip. The strap is also detachable so you can remove it and use the bag as a boxy clutch if you went out – something which the ted baker website recommends!


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Finally, my absolute favourite part of this bag has to be the large tassel that hangs on the side. The tassel is quite big in comparison to the bag and has a silver ‘T’ on it. It definitely adds the finishing touch to this bag, making it look simple but stylish.

Now on to the second bag that my lovely boyfriend bought me – although I did choose this bag myself, as he had no idea what he was looking for!

The second bag I received was the Flossi mini suede moon shaped bag in black. This bag is completely different to the Camisa bag but I love it just as much.

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This bag has a black suede panel on the front, and the rest of it is black leather with gold hardware. The bag also has a gold metal chain strap. I choose this bag as I thought I could use it all year round but especially in the winter months. The bag has a soft-touch suede panel and is moon shaped making really unique and unlike anything I have seen on the market previously.

When you open this bag there is a small section at the front followed by a larger main section behind meaning it will be able to safely hold the essentials. It is fold over in style and has a cleverly designed clasp at the bottom that is very secure, nothing is going to fall out when you use it!

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The mix of black with gold hardware is perfect for this bag, making it look elegant – especially the gold detailing on the sides. One of my favourite parts of this bag has definitely got to be the gold metal chain, it makes this bag the perfect for an after – dark event and would add a touch of class to any outfit. The bag hangs just on the hip depending on how tall you are. I love this bag and definitely think it eclipses all other bags – I cannot wait to start using it!

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I feel so lucky to have received these bags for my birthday and definitely think if you are in the market for a special bag, you should look at Ted Baker, because as the box says ‘Ted always delivers’ #Tedtotoe.

So there it is, my first blog post complete. I hope that anyone reading this post has enjoyed it and I will be back with another one soon! If you haven’t already, check my instagram account as I will be using it to update you all about new blog posts!

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Links to the Bags:

Camisa – Retails at £129

Flossi – Retails at £149

Top tip for any students out there – you can get 15% of off Ted Baker by signing up to student beans!

Thank you for reading

Jordyn Amber x